The Master Charles Water Black Belt Mind Set


"If you say it, you do it!" I know… it's easier said then done. We all wish to improve. We all wish to do better. So why do we stop short of achieving our life long dreams?

Welcome to the Mind Set. MY dream, through my decades of involvement in the martial arts, qigong and character development systems (in which I have personally created methodologies), has always been to continue striving to improve the lives of children, teenagers, adults, as well as baby boomers. Thus, you now have yet another path towards achieving YOUR dreams by engaging in the Mind Set, which is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of your brain.

When the mind is naturally working on a higher level, our immune, digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, renal and reproductive systems maintain the ability to work the way they should. This way, kids learn to say no to bullies and mature gracefully; teens adapt gracefully; adults succeed gracefully and our precious baby boomers age gracefully.

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I look forward to continuing our journey to health, happiness and excellence together.

Daily Dose of Chi 4 Kids
Daily Dose of Chi 4 Baby Boomers
Daily Dose of Chi 4 Teens (Soon)
Daily Dose of Chi 4 Adults (Soon)
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