Daily Dose of Chi 4 Adults Silver level "The How"


Have you ever experienced the following never ending loop?

1. A feeling of FEAR that life is flying by and not all that I desire has been accomplished yet…..
2. Triggering a real sense of SCARCITY that I do not have enough
3. Causing me to STRESS over why aging is so unfair…which then causes me to…..
4. Break down, allowing SELF-DOUBT to creep in-- which in turn triggers a true wave of…….
5. SADNESS at the reality of it all …. and the want to be left alone is immense !!……. However, more often than not, someone cares enough to ask or judge, and offer their insight --
6. Which causes me to display the INFELXIBILITY that I have bottled up inside, which in turn often causes
7. A TANTRUM to ensue, where I release my views on why my business is no one else's business and so their opinion has no bearing on how I am feeling….. Causing me to
8. Welcome any and all DISTRACTIONS…, that will allow me to escape this overwhelming sense of FEAR that I have hiding inside!

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