Daily Dose of Chi 4 Kids


Greetings Master Charles Water here and I thank you for visiting our page.

You are here because our children are precious. We strive to get them to live up to their full potential. However the countless bully’s of the world are waiting to obstruct their path.

Have you ever wished that you could go out the front door with them daily to protect them from those bully’s? You now have it in your control to give them a protective bubble of chi once they walk out the front door through Daily Dose 4 kids. The “Chi” does not replace you; it says “no” to the bully’s of the world

If your child deserves a...

...protective bubble of confidence

...protective bubble of courage

...protective bubble of mindfulness

...protective bubble of focus

...protective bubble of gratitude

...protective bubble of success

...protective bubble of peace & calm

...protective bubble of strength


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Enjoy! I look forward to having your child’s back.