Daily Dose of Chi 4 Kids "The How"


Our precious children.  We strive to get them to live up to their full potential.  However the countless bullies of the world are there to obstruct their path.  Have the bullies of the world forced your child to experience some or all of the following?

1. Feeling of FAILURE-which triggers your child to

2. STRESS over their accomplishments or lack of them.... Making them experience

3. FEAR.. That they are not good enough- which in turn triggers their
4. SELF DOUBT- causing them to feel a wave of....
5. SADNESS (this sometimes leads to depression) causing your child to seriously become less focused and get caught up in
6. DISTRACTIONS--- which can lead them to rebel and so their attitude change can be
7. STUBBORNNESS-- which will attract negative attention- causing an adult to reprimand-- leading them to react with a
8. TANTRUM- in which they vocalize their frustration of their feeling of FAILURE!!!

If they have then watch the “how” Daily Dose of Chi 4 Kids then click on the yellow button below...remember your child is one huge frustration from realizing their full potential.

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